A.C. Clark


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Did you see what I did up there?!

Usually, I’d be a little turned off at such a blatant display of vulgarity to describe an exceptional product used in some very fine homes; but I dare you to read the above statement and not be amused, intrigued, and prepared to buy yourself a BIG ASS FAN. It helps if you imagine it being read in the voice of Paul Mooney…or Mr. T.


Into the Blue

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A few weeks ago while on a stroll in SoHo, a couple of friends and I happened upon a street exhibition of select works by Isack Kousnsky. He is an avant-garde artist from Israel and has been active in the New York City art scene since the 1980’s. His photography is nothing short of amazing. The deep, vibrant colors captured in his oceanscapes (my favorite) showcase the majestic beauty of water, even at its most severe. His collection covers a wide range and consists of cityscapes, nature shots, portraits and politics that is sure to enchant and inspire.

The photos I took with my phone doesn’t do his work justice, so hop on over to his online gallery to view his complete works.

~ A.C.

Ya, Ya Yanko!

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One of my favorite sites to frequent is Yanko Design. Established in 2002 by Takashi Yamada It is a web magazine that is thoughtfully curated and showcases the wonderful concepts in the world of industrial design, environmental design, technology, and fashion. If you’re looking for functional, innovative, inspiring, and sometimes quirky design from the best talent around the globe, Yanko is the place to go.